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Put into practice to help professionals around the world to create healthy habits for the happiness, lifestyle, and success they deserve. 

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Based in London, UK, The Mind & Body House® has worked with professionals from around the world and is dedicated to working with those who wish to live their best life.

Our focus is not only on helping you to build healthier habits that will lead to your goals but also on letting go of old negative habits and reframing limiting self-talk. The aim is to put you on the centre stage of your own life so you can bring your dreams and desires to life.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help professionals around the world to live life as their highest, happiest and healthiest selves.


Our Approach

You may concentrate on developing healthy habits in our self-driven programmes or push further to work through and release old baggage in our personal coaching programmes, whichever way you prefer.

We have a variety of different service options, including wellness and life coaching, online programmes to help you cultivate healthy habits, and group workshops where all the resources and know-how are available to assist people with their wellness goals.



To remain authentic in words and actions, whilst maintaining an open heart and positive mind.



We are committed to excellence in all that we do, and to each and every one of our clients.


Let’s Get Moving

Drive is at the heart of everything we do, and we want to share this desire to energise and inspire others.


Results Driven

Focusing on achieving a lifestyle can mean moving at a slower pace, but providing more sustainable results.

Liz Jones

Founder and Holistic Wellness Coach

“It is not difficult to recognise that living a healthy, meaningful life requires more than working out and eating well. It is all of our behaviours that create the lifestyle we live. I have journeyed through this myself, and I know how fantastic it is to live an authentic life. I am happy to assist others to get healthier, happier, and back on track with their objectives, and to appreciate every aspect of their life – even the little things.”


Our Hours

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